Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue was just added to Shelter Me poll. Every week, the shelter or rescue that receives the most votes on the poll is featured on Action News and FYI Philly. Here is the link to the poll: http://6abc.cm/1zgGPqF


Consider adopting a Small Dog this spring!

We have so many small dogs right now that are ready for their forever homes. Most are house trained, spayed and walk great on a leash! Small dogs are great for many reasons…..they travel well in the car, they are easy to lift and comfortable on your lap and they have big hearts full of love! Consider a small dog as a gift for a senior parent or someone with limited ability to walk. Small dogs do well in apartments and condos and are adaptable to farms as well. These pint sized guys and gals are great boat dogs and do fine in campers and mobile homes too. Small dogs have smaller Vet and food bills as well. Apply right on our website to meet any one of our pint sized cuties!

Thank You!


Moe’s Excellent Adventure

Moe is a year old Airdale, who came to Greenmore Farm Rescue a week ago from The Beckley West Virginia Humane Society. He was a lovely, but energetic boy, who clearly needed a loving family with land where he could run to his heart’s content. In less than a week, his dream came true when Lisa Cooper saw him on our site, and knew he’d be an awesome addition to her new farm in Asheville, NC.  The problem?  Asheville is a long way from Chester Co, Pa!

As it turned out, there was a Pilots-n-Paws mission scheduled to run down to NC on Saturday, so Moe was able to hitch a ride to Southern Pines. Lisa made the four hour drive to meet her new farm hand, and Moe got a First Class trip to escape the snows of Pennsylvania and begin his life as master of Lisa’s farm!  Congratulations to Lisa and Moe!