Our Wishlist

1) Dog flea and tick treatment:
Front Line / Advantage topical Capstar oral tablets
2) Martingales:
Martingale dog collars: sizes – Small and Medium: Martingale style collars are a gentle way to have control over the dog. Perfect for dogs that pull or easily slip out of their collars, this collar will not pinch or hurt the dog’s neck.
3) Monetary Donations for medication and treatment of sick animals can be mailed to:
Unionville Small Animal Associates Address: 1705 W Doe Run Rd Unionville, PA 19375
Phone:(610) 347-0470  Please specify Greenmore Animal Rescue!
or donate by pay pal: CLICK HERE
4) Dog food, treats, and toys:
* Pedigree Brand WET dog and puppy food
* NATURAL Beef Bones, Knuckles, or rawhide Bones * NON STUFFED washable dog toys
5) Kennel supplies: Dog Shampoo ( regular, flea and tic, medicated) Liquid laundry detergent, Bleach, Antibacterial wipes or spray bottle cleansers, pine-sol, Lysol, antibacterial hand soap, dish soap and paper towels
6) Gift Cards: Pet Smart, Pet Valu, Petco, Walmart, Lowes


One thought on “Our Wishlist

  1. This rescue has the most fantastic, caring and hard-working volunteers I have ever met. What a pleasure to meet such nice people who love the animals in the rescue so much to dedicate their time and efforts to finding each and every dog the perfect home!

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